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Emilio's current activity at Ramat Hovav - the Negev guardian , a huge 15 meters high, 180 tons ,sculpture he will create with the Bedouin villagers of Wadi el Na'am and a broad coalition, in front of one of the most polluted areas in the Middle East, as a protest of the government attitude that jeopardizes all Israeli citizens.

The artist has an on going activity with the Bedouin villagers of Wadi el Na'am in South Israel.

The village is located next to "Ramat Hovav", probably the most polluted area in the Middle East. Petro-chemical and drug companies, together with Israel's largest storage site (and dumps) for polluted and toxic waste are the closest neighbours of this village, still unrecognized by the state of Israel.
The population of Wadi Na'am has long been denied medical services, water, and electricity infrastructure. As a result, the families of Wadi Na'am live without the most basic provisions.

- 1 Breath Time at Ramat Hovav- / 9 Jan. 04
The artist was invited by Bustan L' Shalom and the Bedouin villagers of Wadi el Na'am for the opening of the Wadi el Na'am medical clinic. The clinic is the culmination of a 3.5 year project that hundreds of activists have helped to construct, believing that health care is a right, not a privilege. For the first time the villagers painted in 1 Breath Time.  
This is Atia from the Tarabin family of the beduin vilage Wadi- el- Nam.
While inhaling before painting in 1 Breath Time he felt the polluted air coming from the plants.
Atia painted the power station which is supplying the electricity to Ramat-Hovav, located next to his house.
He painted in a 1 Breath Time a warning sign indicating hazard.
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Atia's painting
A group of children painting
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A Bedouin child paint in 1 Breath Time
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1 Breath Time group painting participating Bedouins and social organizations.
After the mass 1 Breath Time

- Closed space @ Ramat-Hovav -
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7 baalot (a big brick made from dense straw covered with concrete) placed in front of the Ramat-Hovav main entrance. The Baalot marked with skeletons & question marks, act as a reminder of what is going on at Ramat-Hovav.

Date: November 2001

- Ramat-Hovav, burning soil-
A festival in which 500 Jews and Beduins held at night torches along the 1.4 Kilometer outline of the man saying STOP!

Date: 8/2000

At night from a nearby hill

Beduin children preparing the ground for the event

- A Corp on a bicycle @ ramat-hovav -
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An organized bycicle ride across Israel to raise awareness of the environmental pollution was documented by the National Geographic / Israel.

They invited the artist to add more spice to the movie produced about the journey.

Date: 4/2002