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- Baalot @ Ramat Hovav-
7 baalot (a big brick made from dense straw covered with concrete) placed in front of the Ramat-Hovav main entrance. The Baalot marked with skeletons & question marks, act as a reminder of what is going on at Ramat-Hovav.

Date: November 2001

About the happening
the "South Scientists" group, beduin men from the El-Azazme tribe and A group of Green Course students helped the artist and worked from the morning until night to make these 7 Baalas as alerting signs.

After a week all the Baalas were destroyed by a tractor sent by a nearby plant that is not interested in changing the situation at

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Placing the Baalas in the location.

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Working on the baalas on the spot, in front of Ramat Hovav dumps.

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An interview for the media, alerting of the dangers of Ramat-Hovav

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Workers at Ramat Hovav: Their job is to document what stuff is in the corroded barrels that have been stored for decades in the soil.
These photos were taken in Ramat Hovav at the same time Emilio gave the above interview.

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Some more photos from Ramat Hovav.