The Guardians Series
The Guardians series - are giant sculptures in the shape of a human face , that have been placed in several locations in Israel which have been exploited by human activity.

Genesis Guardian
6.5 meter high, 37 ton

Negev Guardian
17 meter high, 450 ton

Hills guardian
5.5 meter high, 32 ton

Trans Israel highway guardian
4.5 meter high, 17.5 ton

How the Guardians were created

The creation of a guardian is an authentic dialogue with mother earth, which is the womb. The result is a face of a human that is connected to the Roots. The creations resemble ancient faces of Aztec, Pagan & primitive creations.

The sculpture is in a pyramid shape – its lower part is wide and its top is narrow.
This allows for permanent-mounting, in a way that does not require any special infrastructure, only a flat piece of land.

Instead of sculpting from the outside in, as most carving work, the artist makes the statue by sculpting from inside out, creating a 3-dimentional "negative" image of the shape of the guardian.

In the technique that the artist has developed he begins by massive digging using a tractor, followed by manual digging using a shovel.
At this stage the artist still doesn’t know exactly what his creation will look like

Finally he spends days inside the earth, extracting soil using a kitchen-spoon and re-adding & pressing soil in other places. This creates the fine details on the face.

After this is done, the concrete is poured and metal poles are lowered into it. As the concrete hardens, the outer-layer which is in direct contact with the earth soaks the reddish-brown sand, which makes the guardian appear as an ancient face.

Two weeks after the concrete was poured the statue is pulled out of the ground.
This is done using straps to surround it from underneath through tunnels that were dug in the ground below.

The guardian then emerges from the ground, lifted by a giant crane and transferred on a tank-carrying trailer to the place where it will be mounted.

After the guardian emerges from the earth, it is not retouched or re-finished, which is why the "negative" must be shaped perfectly. Emilio tries to work without using a model, because he believes that if a model exists, then it is easy to duplicate, and the creation is a fake.

This size and scale of work, along with the feeling of the earth, gives Emilio the inspiration to sculpt, comes from inside of his mind and flows through his body and creates according to the energy which the earth radiates.