The Trans Israel highway guardian

Trans Israel highway guardian
4.5 meter high, 17.5 ton

A 4.5 meter and 17.5 ton statue has been placed near Bat-Hefer on the path of the Trans-Israel Highway. The statue, as its name indicates,"guards" nature from people's greed.

Date 20/11/2000

from the Guardians series

Photos of Israeli news portal- Walla

Emilio after placing the "Trans-Israel Highway" guardian, cleaning it a bit from the soil.

The guardian has been placed on the path of the Trans-Israel Highway (before its construction) in order to stop it.

The photo of the "Trans-Israel Highway" guardian after being dragged by Bulldozers of the company that construct the Highway.

A couple from the nearby village that saw this laid on the ground in front the guardian and prevented from the bulldozers to demolish it completely.

Photo of the negative in the soil


Emilio is pouring cement into the hole