Emilio at the Hospital - 31/5/01


On 28/5/01 a man ran into Emilio's home and shot Emilio from a 2 meter distance. One bullet entered his right arm, went through the right lung and came out splitting his nose.
Emilio's luck was that his appearance after the shot and his behavior terrified the attacker, and gave him time to escape. With a pierced lung and a right hand that was completely paralyzed Emilio managed to get to a friends' home while misleading the shooter that tried to shoot him down along the way.

Somebody tried to kill Emilio (this is the second attempt) because whenever he could, he interrupted ecological damage near his area.
The most common crime is stealing sand for construction purposes (a crime that has caused a large area between Rehovot and Nes-Ziona look like crates on the moon).

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