The Hills guardian statue

The artist Emilio Mogilner standing in front of
the Hills Guardian.

A 6.5 meter and 32 ton statue called the guardian, has been placed on 17/12/2001 in Nes Ziona city on Shirion street. The statue, as its name indicates, "guards" nature from people's greed. In this case it guards the hills from turning the site into garbage dumps as well as preventing people from stealing sand for construction purposes. Emilio made the Hill Guardian in a few hours, in a single hand. At the end of the day he was completely exhausted.

This is the second guardian made by Emilio.

Israeli National geographic filmed Emilio as he made the Guardian, and brodcast it for several months on the Israel National geographic channel.

After 5 years this statue is placed in Nez Ziona city, it became one of the city's symbols.

from the Guardians series